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Tumnus is a faun from The Chronicles of Narnia, his age is never given but he has a good knowledge of the troubles and hopes of his land of Narnia.

His skin is slightly red and he has curly hair, two horns and a tail which he holds with his elbow. Throughout most of canon he wears a woolen red scarf and at times carries an umbrella. His height isn't listed in canon, but he stands smaller than a normal man.

The point in canon, he's coming from is right after meeting Lucy and I will be slowly taking him through the book canon though using the movie for visual reference.

Also as a note, Lewis doesn't mention clothing but he also doesn't mention any untoward actions so I'm making the choice that in someway, Tumnus' private parts are clothed since his canon is a children's book after all. That way he won't be breaking any rules.

He's portrayed by James McAvoy and I'm just borrowing him from James and C. S. Lewis for roleplaying purposes at [community profile] milliways_bar. He was played on livejournal at [personal profile] friend_of_lucy. The player behind Tumnus can be found at [personal profile] ceitfianna.
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